I read 85 books in 2014. 🙂  There is one book that continually stands out in my mind and I wish everyone would read it! This book left me reeling, feeling helpless, ugly crying and gave me a week long book hangover. I know that sounds like a terrible read, but in all reality Bright Side by Kim Holden was one of the most fantastic books I have read in quite some time. You will be sucked into Kate’s life and you will know her like you know your best friend. Then you meet Gus and Keller and you can’t help but fall in love with both of them. Bright Side had changed me forever. I rarely re-read a book because my list of To Be Read is 9 miles long, but this will be on my very short list of To be Re-Read. This is Kim’s second published book and has now made the phrase “Do Epic” a staple in our household! Join me in the love for this book and get to know Kate, Gus and Keller and   “Do Epic”!