I hate, I mean really HATE, when a book ends. I have to give up the characters, the story and my  own little world that I have been living in while I was reading.  I also hate picking a new book. I always have this anxiety that the book is going to be terrible and then I have the start the process all one again. After the last book I read I was facing the dilemma again. I needed to find another book to read.With my TBR (To be read) list so long, I needed some help. I had friends recommend a book to me and they told me I was going to dive right in. I am so glad that I did. I just finished reading Where We Belong  by K.L. Grayson and it was a great book! It’s a story about a love that was lost and then 5 years later, after a bit of a battle, the love was rekindled. With this book you grow to love Harley and her son, Max and how their relationship with Tyson blossoms and develops into a family. Check it out! But once again, here I am in search of a new book to read…. I’ll check back in soon!