Oh Tarryn Fisher, how you amaze me!! I just finished reading Mud Vein and I am now a huge fan of her’s! This was the first book I have read by Tarryn and it was an experience in itself. There were twists and turns that you will never expect with in the plot line. This is not a book that I normally would have picked based on the description (I’m more of a lovey dovey romance kinda gal) but I was entranced  before the end of the first chapter. Mud Vein was a book that made me want to make life stand still so I could read it cover to cover. This book is about an author that was kidnapped on her thirty-third birthday and places in a recluse situation for months and months. In order to get out of this dire situation she must take a good look at the past that is right in front of her. The book will definitely lead you on a psychological road trip and leave you stunned. I can’t say too much more without spoiling it. What I  must say is… READ IT!