I just had the pleasure of an EXCLUSIVE sneak peak into New York Times & USA Today Best Selling smut author Vi Keeland‘s Throb! Based on the title, I’m not sure if it is a book I would have chosen on my own. As I read the first few pages I really thought I had the story line pegged. Billionaire Exec sitting in his high-rise office, ignoring the calls of the evil albeit beautiful temptress, while simultaneously trying to politely deny a financial business investment request from his brother. I thought for sure that the next page would show the heroine of the story stumbling into his office, meek and shy, while the temperature  rose about 50 degrees in the room. Nope. Vi plays up the business investment into a behind the scenes look at reality TV. And the heroine? She is the smart witted card player that is about to give Cooper a run for his money clip…                                                         Can’t wait until Monday, January 26th for the release of Throb!      I look forward to writing a complete review on this one 😉