I love all of Jamie McGuire’s books and count down the days until their release! My friend gifted me a copy of her newest book “Beautiful Redemption” and was so excited to read it! I had high expectations for this book as I have loved all the other books about the Maddox Brothers, but ended up being a little disappointed with the outcome.

The book starts off with Liis, a newly transferred agent, who has a random hook up with a guy sitting next to her in a bar. The next day Liis goes into work only to find out that her hookup was with her new boss! Throughout the book you get to know Thomas Maddox and his new “employee” Liis and see how their relationship develops. It’s a slow burn romance for the two that are first and foremost “married” to their jobs as FBI agents.

I found that the story was a big tricky to follow when they were talking about all of the different characters involved in the crime that Thomas and Liis were trying to solve. I had trouble keeping the “good guys” and the “bad guys” straight and found myself going back to figure out who was who. The story is thorough and doesn’t leave any questions as to what happened with the crime characters, however the end comes abruptly. It left me feeling that their budding romance was just getting started and then it was cut short. Jamie did end the book with a follow up years later which was a bit lackluster and kind of a forced “wrap it up” ending.

I did like Beautiful Redemption,  however I would have to give it 3 STARS in comparison to Jamie’s other books involving the Maddox Brothers.