New Author Lisa Robinson just released her first book, Just Try, on February 20th, 2015 and I had the esteemed pleasure of reading it before it was released! For this being her first book it was very well written and a great plot! I was captured and hooked by the end of the prologue and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen. In the prologue you meet Maci, a mother about to give birth, and you find out that her husband is in another part of the hospital dying from cancer. He ends up getting to meet and name his Daughter before he passes away. The rest of the story is about Maci and her reluctance to “Just Try” at a happier life with her daughter. She finds herself stuck in the bubble of life that revolved around her late husband and his death when she meets Calvin. Calvin is her brother-in-laws friend and he ignites the flame within Maci that she’s needed to help move on from her husband and his death. The story is devastating and romantic all in one and a great read.

Congratulations to Lisa Robinson and her debut novel “Just Try”!