Two 5 letter words that play a huge role in the book LEVITATE by Kaylee Ryan Author​. I absolutely loved everything about this book… the slow building romance between Maxton and Kensington, the trust that they must learn to give each other and the truths that they must share make them a likeable couple and you want their relationship to work!

Maxton owns a bar that his father started and has trust issues with women because of the relationship that his mother and father had. His father had always given his mother everything she could ever want and she was never happy. When his father died he gave the bar to Maxton and his mother moved on to a new boyfriend. Maxton saw how much his father loved his mother and what he would do to please her and make her happy and saw how unhappy and ungrateful his mother was towards him. This lack of mutual love between them caused Maxton to never want a relationship. He must learn to trust again, and that is where Kensington comes in.

Kensington has been living with a secret her whole life that only her father knows and this takes a toll on her ability to trust and finally tell those she loves the truth about her life. She meets Maxton at the bar he owns and immediately feels the attraction between them but feigned disgust in him. It takes her some time to admit that there is an attraction.

There is a major twist.. (and NO I’m not going to tell you what it is.. you’ll have to read the book to find that out) that nearly destroys Max and Kensington’s relationship but ultimately leads to Kensi being able to tell everyone the secret that she has been holding onto for so long.

The slow burn and building trust between Max and Kensi make the story believable and not outlandish and fairytale like. This is a story that everyone would be able to relate to and its not all about the sex. I fell in love with Max and Kensi’s story and how they learn to trust and love in a whole new way with each other.

This was my first read by Kaylee Ryan and it was a 5 STAR read for me! I will be reading more of Kaylee’s work in the near future! Now go.. go get Levitate! I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.