I read the book Me Before You by JoJo Moyes after reading my friend (and blogging buddy) Amber told me it was a MUST READ! I read her review and agreed that it sounded like a book that I HAD to read. I picked it up with extremely high hopes that this was going to be an awesome book. I was on a streak of books I was not so fond of and was dreaming of a great book!

Louisa loses her job at The Buttered Bun due to the owner closing the doors to move back home to take care of family. This leaves Louise jobless and living with her parents, her grandfather and her sister and her son all under one roof. We find out that Louise has to help supplement her fathers income to help take care of the house and bills that go along with it. This now puts the family in a pickle when it comes to the finances and Lou feels the ever growing pressure to make money again to help out. She lands an interview for a position that involves helping take care of Will, the bitter and despondent bloke that was left wheelchair bound after an accident 2 years prior. Lou gracefully accepts the 6 month job position knowing that it isn’t going to be the easiest job, but how hard can keeping someone company be?

Louisa find out a family secret (that im not willingly going to tell you 😛) that gives meaning to why she would only have the job for 6 months. Once finding this out she is determined to make Will love his new life just like he did before his accident. She plans trips and get aways that anyone would love and dream of doing and all the while she slowly falls in love with Will, and he with her.

Now I’m not going to tell you the rest of their story, not only because it would spoil the book for those of you who want to read it, but it’s not my story to tell .

I do want to give you my thoughts on the end of the story. Up until the end of the 6 month job position I loved the book. It was as good as Amber said it was and I was so thankful I read it.. AND THEN… My heart was ripped out and trampled on and drug though the mud! The end WAS set up to be a great and rewarding ending for me but it took a turn and let me tell you it was NOT for the better (in my opinion). It was a beautiful story of building love and trust after Will felt his life was a failure following his accident, and Louisa was his Savior that was finally able to make him happy. Again, I can’t tell you the end because that would ruin the book for all of you that have not yet read it (and if you are still considering reading it after my review), but it was not the end that I had all set up in my head. I was upset and disappointed (mostly in the fact that I didn’t see how the book was truly going to end) and truthfully I was angry (Amber can attest to that..lol). I don’t want you to not read this book based solely on my opinion of this book because it was a beautiful story and very well written.

I give this book 4*s and the ending a Big Zero! lol.. but in all seriousness please read this book and fall in love with Will and Lou like I did.