Kylie Jenkins is a brave woman. She is finally leaving her abusive boyfriend. She secretly enlists the help of her childhood friends, Courtney and Cameron who moved to florida years ago. Grateful for social media (and library computers), she is able to plan her getaway without rousing suspicion. As the airplane takes off and she is leaving her life behind, she can’t help but feel excitement at the thought of seeing Cameron again. He was her first love.

Cameron Conner had loved Kylie Jenkins all his life. His heart breaks knowing the hell that she has been through. He can’t wait a minute longer to show her exactly how he feels. From the moment his hands touch her skin, he knows that there is no going back. He is about to take her on the ride of her life!

Tainted Desire (Desire Series, #1) takes off like a NACAR racer and is HOT AND STEAMY! It is packed with adrenaline rushes at the race track, panty melting sex scenes, plot twists that you never saw coming and a CLIFFHANGER that will leave you breathless! At times I really felt the story moved too quickly. But the main reason that I only give this book 4 stars is believability. How can someone who just leaves a long term abusive relationship, rekindle a romance that has been over for nearly 15 years? Wouldn’t she have some emotional damage to work through? Some trust issues? I just can’t wrap my head around it. But please don’t let that stop you from enjoying Wendi Hulsey’s first novel. I quickly downloaded the second installment of Kylie and Cameron’s story as I am sure you will too!

Heated Desire (Desire Series, #2) picks up right where the first ends. Everyone is relieved that Kylie survived but all she needs to do now is wake up so Cameron can take care of her! He feels so guilty for not being able to protect her. He takes the remainder of the racing season off to care for her. But caring and controlling can be a fine line. The only place Kylie wants cameron to take control of her is in the bedroom (or the balcony, or the parking garage, or… you get the picture). She desperately needs to hold onto her independence, but at some point compromises must be made in order for a relationship to work.

I was hoping for more of the love between Cameron and Kylie to develop. It did, but mostly in the bedroom. Those two have more sex than Ana and Christian! This book also has a cliffhanger! I usually re-read books just before the next comes out so that the story is fresh in my mind. Darn. I have to read all of the hot, steamy, sweaty sex scenes again 😉