I had the esteemed privilege of reading another one of Kaylee Ryan’s books BEFORE anyone else!!  This is the life of a blogger (and I LOVE it)!  I fell in love with her work after I read Levitate back in March (see review here: https://goo.gl/agrJYL) and joined her Facebook group.  When she started posting teasers of Just Say When, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to read it! Her official book release is today and you should all go one-click it right now (here I’ll help.. here is the link: http://goo.gl/T530Rv).

Meet Ava Mae, twenty years old and still a virgin (which she has her Marine brother, Brody, and Father to thank for that).  She is dedicated to her school work and has no real desire to go out and date, unlike her room mate and best friend, Kara.
Meet Nate, proud owner of Hardcorps gym and training facility for fighters, and best friend to Brody (remember he is Ava Mae’s brother).  He is dedicated to training a future champion when everything changes.
Ava Mae and Nate went their separate ways when Nate was deployed with Brody overseas.  It has been years since they have seen each other but after
a few years they are thrown back together and suddenly the feelings that they both had harboring for each other come to the surface.  They try and fight the pull they feel for each other but individually they are not strong enough.  They give in to those feelings that have been building for years and they fall in love and they fall hard.
This is a story from friends that fall in love, one that will make you fall in love with the characters (and wish they were your friends), and their story.
This is a 5* read for me and will be recommending this to anyone who wants a good love story!
Great Job Kaylee!