I just finished reading a 5 star book by new author Ava Harrison.  This book was so well written it sucked me in and spit me out at the end!  I loved every minute of it!  Ava is a new author and Imperfect Truth is her debut novel (congratulations by the way) however, you would never know it by the quality of her writing and the emotion that is behind her words.

Ava..  She is a stay at home wife that runs a book blog while her husband works for his family business.
Alexandre.. He’s married to Ava and seems to be unattached and distant in his marriage.
Now meet Ryder, he is an author and finds Ava to be his muse.  He friends Ava and begins to show her the attention that she craves from the seemingly loveless marriage she is currently in.
With the story developing you begin to really loathe Ava’s husband and his lack of support he gives to his wife.  He is very standoffish and does not defend Ava when his mother makes snide comments to and about her.  You begin hoping that Ryder can give Ava the love she wants and deserves.  Just when you think that all is going well for Ava, she comes to a rather disturbing realization about her and Ryder’s relationship and her life enters a downward spiral. The book ends with a much needed (and accepted) Happily Ever After!
After reading this book I contacted Ava Harrison and briefly chatted with her (also letting her know she is FAB-U-LOUS!) and she revealed that PARTS of this story are true to her own life and writing this book was part of her self-healing.  Knowing this made me love the story that much more!!
Thank you Ava for putting yourself and your story out there! You have put your amazing journey of self help out there for all to read and that takes courage!
Congrats again Ava and I look forward to reading more of your work in the future!!