OMG!! You NEED to read this book! I’m sorry that I didn’t read it sooner! And the author is AMAZING (Love her!).

I was gifted Conklin’s Blueprints by the lovely (and so personable) Brooke Page a few weeks ago and I finally got the chance to sit down and read it and guess what?? I was not able to put it down! A 5 Star read for sure!!

Want a bit about the book?? WELL…

Becca moves back to her hometown after finishing up college and taking a year off to “find herself” (if you could call it that) with her best friend Jamie. She has landed herself a job as a junior architect at the very successful Conklin Architecture, Construction and Design. She is thrilled at getting the job on her own merit despite being the daughter to a very prominent family.

Tyler Conklin works along side his father and brothers helping design, construct, develop and expand the family business that his grandfather started. He is a very good looking (did you see the cover of this book?) and powerful, all business type of guy. He meets Becca and his whole world changes.

Becca and Tyler get wrapped up in each other and quickly develop a relationship, one that Tyler feels he needs to keep under wraps (he is Becca’s boss’s boss). He charms and woos Becca, but never out in the public eye. Becca falls for Tyler but his secrets about his past and family are hindering their relationship.

Will they manage to survive the secrets and the covert love affair they have? Well, to find out that answer you will have to read the book!

This is a 5 star read for sure! I loved this book and will recommend it to all my book friends (you all know who you are)! I can’t wait to read the other two books in the series (so watch for those reviews)!

Great job Brooke! I can’t wait to tackle hug you at the Ever After Author Affair!! Thank you for introducing me to Tyler and Becca! – Katie

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