A romance with a mystery twist? That is right up my ally and I couldn’t wait to read Author Jenn Leigh’s debut novella, A Shattered Heart! Natalie has spent the past two years trying to escape her shattered past. She finally finds a place that she could call home when she finds herself applying for a desk job at a mom & pop mechanic shop in Edgewood, Iowa. It’s a far cry from her high profile life, CEO of a large snowboarding company in San Diego, California, that she left behind. No sooner did Natalie meet the Bradley brothers, one in particular starts to stir up long forgotten emotions, does she receive an ominous text message from an unknown number. Having to share her past with her new found family was easier than she thought when they instantly rallied around her and vowed to protect her! Will confronting her past prove to be cathartic to Natalie or will she find herself in more danger that she anticipated?
As far as debut novels go, this one was good. I did feel that the characters were a little too undeveloped and the story moved along too quickly. For me, that is what makes a story not “believable”. However, Jenn Leigh‘s writing is crisp and her story is distinctive. This is a quick read and I am excited to read more of her books in the future!