“I’m a blogger. He’s a writer.
He was my weakness.
I was his muse.”

When only three simple lines in the description of a book can evoke such emotion, you KNOW that the book you are about to drown in is going to be exceptional! I have a book hangover. What an emotional roller coaster!  The writing in this book is superb. A bit wordy, but not in a “I need a dictionary” kind of way. It makes you read the little details that are oh so important and makes this book last longer! You will feel sorry for Ava, you will want to punch her in the face and you will feel so damn proud of her too! And if you ever what to know what the Devil in human form would be like, you get to meet the female and male version in Imperfect Truth!

I am not going to write a lengthy synopsis of this book for fear of giving a way small detail that the reader needs to discover on their own. I AM going to demand that you read it for yourself! And check out Ava Harrison’s  Perfectly Flawed Support Group on Facebook when you are done! You will need it!

“Hi. My name is Amber and I am perfectly imperfect”