**** NEW REVIEW ****

I finished reading a book by Brooke Page​ that I couldn’t put down. It was one of those books that has such a great suspenseful plot that keeps driving forward but at the same time leaving you wanting to know what’s going to happen next.

HIDE is the first in a set of two books in the Black Letter Series (When reading this book I was so excited because I L💙VE Brooke and had the chance to meet her and hug her hard! AND she wrote Conklin’s Blueprints which is an awesome book.. If you haven’t read it you really should! Buy link: http://goo.gl/7SZiMc) yes that is right I said book 1….. I did NOT however realized this when I stated the book as I should have, but at the END! The end left me going 😱, WTF, what is going on here?? (Ask Brooke about the messages I sent her 😉)

This story is about Jamie and her involvement with the Conklin men when suddenly after a year her past starts to come back to haunt her. Throughout the book you slowly gain bits and pieces of Jamie’s past, and find out who is sending these letters. Jamie made a decision when she was 17 that effected her entire family and she regrets it Every. Single. Day. Her memories are a constant reminder of the choice she made but when the letter start showing up again her panic sets in and she needs to make a choice to give in to her fear and push everyone away to protect them or live her life… Which will she choose?? Read to find out!

I loved this book (even though it’s a cliffhanger… Yes I said the c-word… 😠) and can’t wait to read the second part when it comes out! This book gives you all sorts of feels; anger, pity, empathy, sadness, fear and even a bit of swooning over Mitch!

Great story Brooke, but where is my next part 😉

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