Lily owns her own hugely successful business. She parties hard and answers to no one. It’s her rules. One night is all they get, never more. Sure, she has a past with fears and a secret she doesn’t want to share with anyone, but that only makes her more determined to live her live EXACTLY as she wants. Her only tie to her past is her grandfather, whom she’d do anything for, and a childhood friend that holds the key to her secret. When a bachelor party stumbles into Stargazer, Lily could never imagine that the GQ who boldly says to her, “watch your mouth”, would be the exception to her rule. She does everything to keep him at arms length, but she can’t seem to push him away completely.
Lily’s Law is a feisty, opposites attract story. I was captivated by Lily’s fire! I was drawn to Lawson’s charm. Each character was well developed with a backstory that all tied in together. I would have liked a little bit more with Lily’s grandfather. He obviously meant a lot to her but I felt like his part of the story was kind of forgotten toward the end.
The editing does need to be fine tuned (it was a little distracting), but I think Danielle Torella is an outstanding story teller and has given us a unique spin on the Happy Ever After!

I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest review.