“Crush On You”- The Jets (1987) This could be describing how i feel about this book, or maybe I have a fangirl crush on Tali Alexander right now… There are so many aspects of this book that I adore. The 80’s song titles that Emily and Sara use as their secret language is SO FUN! I often found myself singing the songs in my head (sometimes out loud).

The story starts in present day. Emily seemingly has everything she could ever have dreamt of. Two beautiful children, homes tucked in every corner of the world, more money than she knew how to spend and a drop dead gorgeous husband who was once named NYC’s most eligible bachelor… but she feared it was slipping away. Why, you ask? Well, lets REWIND to the beginning.

“Like A Virgin” – Madonna. Having just graduated High School, Emily takes a waitressing gig to help her sister out of a pickle. As she is serving canapés at the small and private event, she see’s HIM. Instant lust. She cannot take her eye’s off this mysterious man, and is she just dreaming, or is he staring back at her? No way! She is just plain, naive, inexperienced, little Emily. She goes home that night disappointed and dreams of Mr. Incredible, never imagining that this would be the start of a fairy tail romance.

“Girls, Girls, Girls” -Motley Crew. Louis Bruel is every girls fantasy. He has the looks of a GQ model with a quarterback’s body. He is the CEO of Bruel Industries, a company that he build from scratch. With the fortune, comes the fame. He has had his share of women and was content with his life, until he sees HER.

“Lady In Red” -Chris De Burgh. He knew from the moment he laid eyes on her that she would be his. He would do anything to make her happy, even if that means keeping his d!ck in his pants until she was ready. Emily and Louis’s Love story is captivating. He chases away her fears and insecurities by proving is devotion time and time again. 10 years spent together and they build a life and family that Emily adores. How can it be slipping away?

Love in Rewind is a MUST READ book that needs to be at the top of your TBR list!

Hero Rating: 5

Heroine Rating: 5

Sex Scenes Rating: 5+

Plot Rating: 5

Dialogue Rating: 4.5

Storytelling Rating: 5+

Editing Rating: 5


Get your copy today, then clear your calendar because you wont want to put this book down!