Julie and Tracy make up an amazing writing duo going by the pen name JT Authors​ and they are such sweet women, and I love them dearly! Their book has been on my TBR list for a few months and when they contacted the blog about their book I decided now was as good time as any to jump in with both feet! 9 times out of 10 I jump into a book only based on the cover ( I know that goes against the whole saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but it’s what I do.. sorry!) and this time is no different. First off let me say I LOVE the cover.. I’m a big music person so the guitar pulled me in (and probably the main reason it was on my TBR list)


When Fall Breaks (Book 1 in the Seasons of Jefferson Series) was released in March of this year and I’ll be honest I’m glad that I waited to read it (sorry ladies.. lol). It does end in a cliff hanger and for that reason I’m glad that I only have to wait until November for book 2! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!! (So J and T… HURRY UP… please)


I immediately fell in love with Kaitlyn and her BGF (Best Guy Friend) Brody. They have a bond like no other as they have been friends since Kait and her twin brother, Caden, were little. He is her best friend, protector, confidant, and personal cheerleader, but when lines begin to blur and then they are left not knowing what to do. Kaitlyn has a boyfriend, Pistol, thats is a Rodeo Coyboy and quiet possibly the character that I would have slapped if he had been real.. lol! Brody has been in love with Kait, or as he calls her Pip, for a while but kept his distance, but now it seems like he can’t keep it together when he is around her.


Pistol and Kaitlyn have a… complicated… relationship, one that is volatile and ends up being… Alright, that was close…. I’m not giving that much of the story away! You will need to read the book to know more about what happens between Pistol, Kaitlyn and Brody, and just how the guitar plays into the story!

This was a wonderful debut novel for this dynamic duo and I’m sure there the remaining seasons will be just as epic.

Now ladies… get off social media, lock yourselves in a room and finish that book (I’m impatiently waiting……)- Katie

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